CPS International

Why outsource ?

Our objectives

  • To accompany you in the precise definition of your needs
  • To allow you to concentrate on your purchases core business
  • To bring you a skill in purchase of the non-optimized families
  • Make you realize savings on all purchases

Our added values

  • An international organization which allows you to reach new sources
  • The use of the experience and the network of the buyers through the purchasing group
  • Saving of time (treatment of purchase orders, search for suppliers, follow logistics)
  • A single supplier to manage (contacts, invoices, evaluation)
  • A single interlocutor: cutting of administrative costs
  • Reduction in prices of the products and services
  • Best management and control of the purchases
  • Decrease of the number of small suppliers to manage
  • A traceability and a detailed follow-up of your orders
  • Optimization of the cost of search
  • A solution easy to set up

Your ambitions

  • Reduce the quantity of suppliers
  • Group together your purchases and strengthen the families of purchases not worked
  • Reduce your costs (sourcing, framework agreements, and consolidation of the volumes of your various sites)
  • Have / developed a service purchases hardly, concentrated on the real added values
  • Be accompanied in the application of your policy purchase to your portfolio
  • Rationalize the number of your orders and your invoices
  • Benefit from an effect of volumes on your low consumptions