CPS International

Our assets

  • A purchase experience of more than 35 years in the branch of industries as: military, aeronautic, semiconductor and electronic
  • Nearly 100.000 references recorded in database
  • A real international presence (USA - Asia - Europe) and a capacity of local negotiation
  • A staff involved in the continuous improvement
  • Our rigor demonstrated by our referencing and our approvals

Our values

At International CPS, we consider that the success passes not only by skills but also by strong common values. That is why we make a commitment on the following points:


Our customer nearness

- The listening
We are for your listening to define exactly your needs and understand your ambitions

- The ability to react;
Better to understand your ambitions, be held informed the evolution of your market allows us to be more reagent in front of your needs

- The implication
To imply you in our reflections is a way of insuring a win-win relation

- The reliable relation
it is important to establish a reliable relation, to build a healthy and sustainable collaboration. We so speak about strategic link and either about relation CUSTOMER/SUPPLIER

Our expertise

The expertise of our professionals of purchases and the volumes which they manage drive us to work as a buying group. However, CPS INTERNATIONAL has for vocation to go farther than the simple purchasing groups and to register us as a real strategic partner. And this, with the aim of bringing you a customized answer according to your activity, your ambitions, your constraints and the evolution of your market.

In this optics, CPS INTERNATIONAL chose to offer a wide range of solutions which adapts itself to your needs, by proposing you solutions “à la carte”: service of outsourcing of your purchases, specific sourcing, sub-contracting.

Beyond the at once realized savings, by our intermediary you master your costs led according to the following axes :

- The number of suppliers and deliveries
- The number of purchase orders and order forms
- The number of invoices and payments
- The deadline between the expression of a need and its satisfaction
- The risks bound to the supply
- The volume of your stocks

Our professionnalism

« Every day we're saying, 'How can we keep this customer happy?' How can we get ahead in innovation by doing this, because if we don't, somebody else willt » Bill GATES

Our customers and our suppliers know it, we privilege the action.Aware of the impact of our quality of service on your appreciation and your will to develop our relations, we watch every day, with our partners and co-workers, to pass on values and attitude, turned to your satisfaction

Our human resource values

We are above all co-workers' team in the values and in the different personalities. They contribute together to the success of the company which unites them. It is thus essential to value and to promote these invaluable human resources through the following aspects:
- The recruitement
- The process of integration
- The follow-up of career
- The training
- The watch on the current events of our tools and businesses
- The communication
- The social commitment
- The conviviality
- The team spirit